Tour Mount Ijen and Baluran only three days two nights, exciting!

Mount ijen tour – If you have never traveled to East Java. Here, we tell you about a destination that can spoil your eyes with a cheap budget. In East Java, many tourist attractions are a
favorite for local and foreign tourists. So, for you, the traveler said. Then it is not valid if you
have never visited one of the most beautiful and amazing destinations, ijen Crater and
Blurb. Ijen mount tour package always offers with the right price and maximum facilities.
Now how much budget do you have to spend on the Ijen gunship tour and what facilities will
Do you get it? The price of the Gunung ijen and Baluran Tour packages is calculated from the number of participants:

  1. 2 people then 1600,000 / participants
  2. 2. 3 people then 1200,000 / participants
  3. 3. four people than 975,000 / participants
  4. 4. 5 people, 925,000 / participants
  5. 5. 6 people than 850,000 / participants
    Payment terms for this package are 20% DP of the total price, and full payment will be made When the tour starts. Whereas if there is a cancellation that is for several reasons:
  6. If a cancellation is made 30 days before departure, a 50% payment fee will be charged
  7. If a cancellation is made 20 days in advance, it will be subject to a 75% cancellation fee
  8. If the cancellation is made ten days in advance, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied.
    Schedule mount in tours and baluran three days two nights:
  9. First day
    Starting at 8 am will be picked up at the meeting point that has been agreed with the Ijen team. Travel to Ijen takes up to 6 hours and checks in at 4 pm (If lodging in the Ijen crater area, then in free time you can enjoy Blawan waterfall and enjoy the coffee garden).
  10. Second day
    The trip will start from noon by climbing to the crater of Ijen with a Duration of time of 2 to 3 hours so that it is indispensable for strength and stamina that is fit and strong. There you will find a blue fire in the dark, and it will pay for all your curiosity with a fantastic view. And when the sun rises, the blue light will slowly turn to turquoise green. At 7 a.m., you go back to the inn to take a break until 9 in the morning and will resume the journey to Balura national park, Bama beach, and mangrove trail. After that, you return to the hotel.
  11. Third day
    You will find the sunrise on the beach at 5 am. When traveling to Malang or back, you will stop at the Bajulmati Reservoir at Situbondo.
    Your tour of Mount Ijen and Baluran has finished. See you on your next trip.

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